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What’s a Rakeback Pro?

A Rakeback pro is a high-volume, low return daily grinder. Rakeback pros are largely concerned with putting in a lot of hours and playing a lot of hands. They generally make little to nothing in the actual game and derive the majority of their income from Rakeback.

How Can I Become a Rakeback Pro?

The first step is to sign up for poker rooms offering rakeback. Since you’re going to put in lots of hands, it’s a good idea to open accounts at multiple rooms to take advantage of bonuses and promotions.

How Much Do I Need to Play?

Check out the charts below to determine how many hours per month you need to play to be a rakeback pro. The first is based on industry giant, PokerBaazi and second is based on the top US-facing room, PokerHigh. Both are based on the folowing assumptions:

· Playing 6-max NLHE only

· An average of 90 hands per hour per table

· Earning ₹28000 per month

· 100% of this income coming from Rakeback (thus breaking even in the actual game)

Data for Pokerbaazi's Rakeback Calculation based on’s algorithm

The following data is based on the number of coins generated/week

Coins Generated/Week










​75k & above


Data for Pokerhigh's Rakeback Calculation based on’s algorithm

which is just a flat 10% of the total rakeback generated by you given in your Pokerhigh's player account.

Over the traditional Rakeback will keep giving constant loyalty bonuses, tournament tickets, special deposit offers and priority support for their Pokerbaazi members making the total rakeback percentage more than 20%, if you take proper advantage of the promotions listed.

As the tables show, the higher stakes and more tables you play, the less you’ll need to play to achieve an equal monthly income. In fact, at the lower stakes and at a low number of tables it is not even feasible to be a rakeback pro because the hours necessary to play are simply too high.

This is also a sample of only 2 poker rooms. Depending on your site and the rakeback deal you get you may need to play more or less.

· Playing more hours

· Playing more tables

· Getting a better Rakeback deal

· Turning a profit in the games in addition to collecting Rakeback

Where Should I Play?

There are countless poker rooms to choose from, but not all are conducive to being a Rakeback pro. The 3 following rooms are our top picks for Rakeback pros based on their high traffic and good Rakeback deals. Keep in mind that many Rakeback pros play at multiple sites.

1. PokerBaazi(Signup Code - WHISP): With by far the highest traffic in the industry and Rakeback in the form of a rewards and leaderboards, plus an additional up to 20% through WS Rakeback which is second to none, PokerBaazi gets the top spot here.

2. PokerHigh(Signup Code - PHWHISP): As India's number 1 tournament room and a 10% Rakeback deal, PokerHigh comes in second overall and is the best option for Indian players.

3. CardBaazi(Signup Code - WHISP50): This Poker/Rummy app rounds out the top 3 with their 30-40% Rakeback deals and some of the highest non-Cardbaazi traffic numbers.

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