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What is Rakeback and how can you get it?

Simply put, Rakeback is a continual and never-ending rebate on your online poker play. If you have the chance to get Rakeback and don’t, you’re basically just giving up free money.

To understand how Rakeback works, it’s first necessary to get an idea of how internet poker rooms make money. They remove a fraction of the money in all-cash game pots and keep it for themselves. This is called the Rake. The cash game rake is usually 2-5% of the size of the pot up to a maximum rake cap, but there are some differences in this formulation depending on the poker room.

Customers with a Rakeback account receive a portion of the rake. The amount of Rakeback is expressed as a percentage. This RB payment may be weekly, daily, or sometimes whenever the user wants.

In most cases, if someone has 20% Rakeback and rakes ₹1,000 in a month, that individual would be entitled to get ₹200 back.

Affiliates are now more than just a marketing conduit, and some affiliates are directly involved in the transfer of Rakeback funds from their share to the player. Still, going through an affiliate is mostly the best way to obtain Rakeback.

There are many other advantages to choosing a reputable affiliate for Rakeback rather than trying to do everything yourself. First of all, longstanding affiliates tend to only represent honest, trustworthy sites, so a good affiliate acts as a shield, blocking their users from shady or dishonest operators. Furthermore, in the event of any problems or disputes, a good affiliate will go to bat for their customers, and they usually have some pull with the management of the poker sites because of the volume of players they recruit. Finally, some affiliates provide exclusive value-added perks to their users. India's largest rakeback provider includes Whispering Shouts, we highly recommend you to check their Rakeback deals before signing on to any poker/rummy room.


Rakeback is usually permanent – as long as you keep playing, you’ll keep earning Rakeback regularly. In this respect, it’s better than bonuses, leaderboards, and other similar promotions, which are only active for a limited amount of time. You can explore some of the Rakeback deals available at if you’d like to benefit from steady infusions of cash to your bankroll.

Good luck, grinders!

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