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6 Tips for Rakeback Pros:

  1. Maintain a balanced life. Being social and having non-poker activities/hobbies in your life is extremely important when playing Poker for a living. These things give you the necessary mental breaks from the game so you can recharge and avoid burnout. Just sitting inside all day Rakeback grinding is a miserable existence. Bonus points if these activities include exercise or get you moving.

  2. Have a plan and a schedule. Figure out how much you want to make and determine how much volume you’ll need to play at what stakes and with how many tables to get there. Chunk it up into smaller pieces to see how much you’ll need to play per month, per week, and per day. This makes things easier to manage and increases your chances of achieving your necessary volume.

  3. Practice multi-tabling by building gradually. Think of it like exercise: start playing two tables at the same time, and once you’re comfortable with two tables, add a third. Repeat this process until you can play 10 or more table without breaking a sweat.

  4. Use multiple monitors. Top rakeback pros have two or three monitors hooked up to the same computer. The more screen space you have, the more tables you can play.

  5. Use poker tracking software. Software programs such as Poker Tracker and Hold’em Manager can help by analyzing your play and providing heads up displays (HUDs) that aid in decision making.

  6. Focus mentally. Keep the distractions to a minimum. Close instant messenger, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and concentrate

  7. Withdraw timely

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