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Baritone V1.2.8 Redstone Mining Issue In Minecraft 1.12.2

Baritone v1.2.8 redstone mining issue in minecraft 1.12.2

Baritone is a popular mod for Minecraft that automates various tasks such as mining, building, exploring, and farming. It is based on the MineBot project by leijurv and uses an advanced pathfinding algorithm to navigate the world and perform actions. Baritone is compatible with both Forge and Fabric mod loaders and supports multiple versions of Minecraft, including 1.12.2.

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However, some users have reported that Baritone v1.2.8 has a problem with mining redstone ore in Minecraft 1.12.2. Redstone ore is a block that emits light and provides redstone dust when mined with an iron pickaxe or higher. Redstone dust is a valuable resource for creating redstone circuits, devices, and machines. Therefore, many players want to use Baritone to mine redstone ore efficiently and automatically.

The issue is that Baritone does not recognize redstone ore as a valid block to mine when using the #mine command. The #mine command allows the user to specify one or more blocks that Baritone will try to find and mine in the nearby area. For example, #mine diamond_ore will make Baritone search for and mine diamond ore blocks. However, when the user enters #mine redstone_ore, Baritone does nothing and says "No locations for redstone_ore known, cancelling" in the chat. This means that Baritone does not know where to find redstone ore blocks and cannot mine them.

The reason for this issue is that redstone ore has two different block IDs: redstone_ore and lit_redstone_ore. When a player or a mob touches a redstone ore block, it changes to lit_redstone_ore and emits light for a few seconds before reverting back to redstone_ore. This also happens when Baritone tries to mine a redstone ore block with a pickaxe: it changes to lit_redstone_ore and Baritone no longer sees it as a block to mine. Therefore, Baritone cannot mine redstone ore blocks unless they are already lit.

There are two possible solutions for this issue. One is to add lit_redstone_ore to the list of blocks that Baritone can mine with the #mine command. This can be done by entering #mine lit_redstone_ore after #mine redstone_ore in the chat. This way, Baritone will try to mine both redstone_ore and lit_redstone_ore blocks when they are found. However, this solution may not be very efficient, as Baritone will have to wait for the redstone ore blocks to light up before mining them.

The other solution is to update Baritone to a newer version that fixes this issue. According to the GitHub repository of Baritone, this issue was reported in July 2019 and was resolved in August 2019 by adding an alias for redstone_ore that includes both block IDs. Therefore, users who download and install Baritone v1.2.9 or higher should not have this problem anymore. The latest version of Baritone as of September 2023 is v1.10.1, which supports Minecraft 1.20 and 1.20.1. Users can find the download links and installation instructions for different versions of Baritone on its GitHub page.

In conclusion, Baritone v1.2.8 has a redstone mining issue in Minecraft 1.12.2 because it does not recognize both block IDs of redstone ore: redstone_ore and lit_redstone_ore . Users can either add lit_redstone_ore to the #mine command list or update Baritone to a newer version that fixes this issue . Baritone is a useful mod for Minecraft that can automate many tasks and enhance the gameplay experience.

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