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Biomaterials: The Role of Biology and Materials Science in Engineering Tissues and Organs

Isaac Krauss, Undergraduate Advising Head, fall 2016 (on leave spring 2017) Study of organic synthesis, including its interface with other areas of chemical science, including organometallics and chemical biology.

Biomaterials: The Intersection of Biology and Materials Science

CHEM 69a Advanced Laboratory: Materials Chemistry [ sn ] Prerequisites: C- or higher in CHEM 25a and b, and CHEM 29a and b, or the equivalent. Four semester-hour credits. Laboratory fee: $125 per semester. Introduces the student to selected topics in materials chemistry and provides hands-on experience for making materials that find applications in the real world or are being intensively explored for a wide range of applications. By focusing on the design, control, and characterization of the atomic and molecular structures, macroscopic properties, and applications of materials, we will introduce materials chemistry as a frontier of science that aims to address important societal problems, such as energy and health. Usually offered every second year.Mr. Xu

CHEM 160a Materials Chemistry: Molecular Foundation for Nanobiotechnology [ sn ] Prerequisites: A satisfactory grade in CHEM 11B, 15B or the equivalent or permission of instructor.Focuses on the elucidation and design of nanomaterials at the molecular scale, with emphasis on nanomaterials to be used in biotechnology and biomedicine. It aims to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge at the intersection of physical, biological, and materials science. Usually offered every second year.Mr. Xu

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