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Yedho Maayam Seithaai Short Film Song 54

Yedho Maayam Seithaai Short Film Song 54

Yedho Maayam Seithaai (ஏத மயம் சய்தய்) is a Tamil short film directed by Ramanan Purushothama and starring Arun and Shweta. The film is about a young couple who fall in love and face some challenges in their relationship. The film was released on YouTube in 2015 and has received over 45,000 views so far.

Yedho Maayam Seithaai Short Film Song 54

The film features a song with the same title as the film, composed by Gunasekaran Balasubramanian and sung by him as well. The song is a romantic melody that expresses the feelings of the protagonists. The lyrics are written by Vivek Ravichandran and the flute is played by Rupak Vignesh. The song has also been uploaded on SoundCloud by different users .

The song has received positive feedback from the viewers, who praised the music, the vocals, the lyrics, and the visuals. Some of the comments are:

  • "Beautiful song...loved it...nice voice...nice lyrics...nice music...nice video...everything is nice..."

  • "Superb song bro...very soothing and touching...keep rocking..."

  • "Awesome song...very melodious and heart touching...great work by the team..."

The song is one of the highlights of the short film, which has also been appreciated for its story, direction, acting, editing, and cinematography. The film has won several awards at various short film festivals, such as:



Chennai International Short Film Festival 2016

Best Romantic Short Film

Tamil Nadu Short Film Awards 2016

Best Director, Best Music Director, Best Editing

Madurai Film Festival 2016

Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay

The short film and the song are available to watch and listen online on YouTube and SoundCloud respectively. You can also follow the official Facebook page of the film for more updates. If you are a fan of romantic short films and songs, you should definitely check out Yedho Maayam Seithaai.

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