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Marifetname Erzurumlu Ibrahim Pdf Download

Marifetname Erzurumlu Ibrahim Pdf Download

Marifetname is a famous book written by Erzurumlu Ibrahim Hakkı, a Turkish Sufi scholar and poet who lived in the 18th century. The book covers various topics such as religion, philosophy, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, and natural sciences. It is considered as one of the most comprehensive and original works of Turkish-Islamic thought and culture.


If you are interested in reading Marifetname, you can download it in PDF format from the following sources:

  • : This website offers a free download of Marifetname in its original Ottoman Turkish script. You can also read it online or borrow it as an e-book.

  • : This is the official website of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. It provides a PDF download of Marifetname in its old Turkish alphabet. The text is scanned from a printed edition published in 1974.

  • : This website allows you to preview some pages of Marifetname in its modern Turkish translation. You can also buy the book or find it in a library near you.

We hope you enjoy reading Marifetname and learning more about the rich and diverse heritage of Turkish-Islamic civilization.

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